About me

Hi, my name is Jimmy. Below are some of my passions and things I'm currently involved in. If we can collaborate or if I can help you with your business, please click on the contact button to get in touch. I look forward to getting to know you. 

Digital Media & Technology

digital agency

I'm currently operating an agency focused on search engine marketing (SEO), conversion rate optimisation (CRO), brand architecture, building websites and logo design. 


I'm currently a 7-figure seller on various e-commerce platforms.

Web Hosting

I've been investing in a lot of infrastructure to optimize my own income generating websites, now I'm able to provide the same hosting infrastructure I created to clients. 

Income Internet Business

I'm passionate about investing in internet business that is income producing or has a lot of potential. I have a good size portfolio and have the team and infrastructure to grow it. If you have any you would like to sell, please contact me. 
Digital agency
I got a very strong design/media company that can do any digital design you want. Please contact me to ask me more.
7 figure seller on various platforms
Web hosting
I can host your internet infrastructure
Income internet business
I have an investment company

Real Estate


I'm looking for more class C, 100+ units apartment complex in Houston to invest in. I have owned several and can move fast on a purchase.


I've managed and invested in select service and extended hotels with Hilton & Marriott flags.


I'm currently offering private money to borrowers needing a bridge loan for 10% interest and 2% origination for residential properties.

residential rental/flips

I've flipped, rented, wrapped, seller financed, and wholesale residential properties. 


I'm currently operating a commercial and residential real estate brokerage firm in Texas. If you're a license agent and looking for a low fee brokerage to join, please get in contact with me. 
Various passive investments


I'm doing seasonal agriculture spread trades.
I'm doing various swing/day trade option strategies.
I'm also developing back testing strategies and building trading applications to help increase my accurately and results.  

Let's collaborate.

I  would love to hear your idea. Let's work together and just contact me anytime you want.
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